Einstein Sleep?

According to Andrew, Einstein had a ridiculous sleep pattern in order to be super efficient with his time and to get the most work done within a single day. Well, because I open at Starbucks a lot I feel somewhat like Einstein… with a ridiculous sleep pattern. This type of sleep is catergorized as Polyphasic sleep.

Polyphasic sleep is a term used to describe several alternative sleep patterns intended to reduce sleep time to 2–6 hours daily in order to achieve a better quality of sleep. This is achieved by spreading out sleep into short naps of around 15–30 minutes throughout the day, and in some variants, a core sleep period of a few hours at night.

The process of adapting to a polyphasic schedule can involve a mentally and physically very difficult one- to two-week transition period, especially for the variant known as Uberman sleep. Thereafter, independent testers claim to experience no apparent drop of cognition or alertness, despite the few hours of sleep attained each day. On the other hand, polyphasic sleep typically requires adhering to a rigid schedule, which makes it impractical for many people.

I don’t actually do this, but my pattern is a little crazy. I have to work at 4 in the morning most days of the week. Therefore I go to sleep around 5 P.M. the day before, wake up at 9 P.M., and then I go back to sleep around 11 ish, sometimes earlier, to only wake up at 2:30 or 3 in the morning. Eat that for breakfast! It sucks, but it pays the bills.

Nothing every good happens at 4 in the morning! Check this out! Rives is awesome!


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Change is inevitable. Ugliness is not.

I’m just an amplifier

I guess this blog will be my attempt to say a lot of things, mostly what I have herd in my life. It will be a window through which I will try to display some of my experiences. I most likely will have nothing more important to say than anyone else who has a blog, and I will say nothing that has not already been said. But like all journeys there are some high points, and I hope this blog will have a few of those moments. Blah blah, blah, whatever.


(vs. 1)
there are days i don’t believe the words i say
like a life that i’m not living
a song that i’m not singing but to you

there are times that i believe i’m satisfied
like an intimate connection
despite this bad reception with you

because i can’t afford to pay
for most of what i say
so it’s a lucky thing
that the truth’s public domain

and i am like a mockingbird
i’ve got no new song to sing
and i am like an amplifier
i just tell you what i’ve heard
oh, i’m like a mockingbird

(vs. 2)
and yes, it’s true that i need this more than you
like one whose name is many
have mercy, please don’t send me away

and i’ll do all i can
to be a better man
oh i’ll clean up this act
and be worse than we started

-Derek Webb